Delivering technology focussed insights into your customer interactions & business processes.

Invite us over for the day. We'll bring the biscuits!

With our wide and complimentary skill set across the eCommerce market place, invite us over to meet with your key stakeholders for the day, and allow us to review your technological landscape.

Technology should allow you to join the dots efficiently between your customers (front end) and business processes (back end), while enabling the ability to scale as you grow. We're confident that our 1 day summary will provide you with food for thought and may even transform your approach towards the use of technology across your business.

Who are we?

Innovator & Business Development

John Harrison has a history of finding ways of using technology to improve traditional ways of doing things. He first created an online education tool used by thousands of teachers across Europe that was bought by Microsoft in 2004. He then established the very first online school uniform business in 2005 with the co-founders of ASOS that was subsequently bought by OTTO. In 2009 he approached Tesco and set up the first mass-scale on-demand embroidery service, grew it to over 4,500 schools (20% of the UK market) and helped reduce prices for parents across the industry. During this time, he set up an iPhone app TubePro featured on Radio 2 - helping commuters avoid queues across London. In 2012 he also set up ScanMe, an interactive fashion label blending state-of art designer prints as well as social media integrations. This was recognised by c|net and Channel 5's Gadget Show as their number 1 website.

Since 2016, John has been involved in a community shop platform, making it easy to raise money for schools and clubs around the world, while making it simple for members to purchase the things they need. They have so far helped raise over £600,000. He is helping one of the world's largest community organisations optimise their membership, donations and engagement. He is helping a large cable & satellite television network improve their online customer interactions with new, on-demand themed products and destinations. John is also involved in helping some of the worlds biggest names access new markets, growing their revenues as well as their fan base.

John has a degree in Architecture and has trained formally and informally in user experience/ wireframe design - increasing customer acquisition and revenue while reducing development costs.

Finance & Operations

Simon Tutton thrives on finding innovative yet realistic solutions within challenging often disjointed operational environments.

From 2004, Simon was Operations and Finance Director of Dukes. He was instrumental in helping the business become a top ten merchandising company with revenues of £10m globally, assisting clients such as Barclays, BMW, and Shell with their supply chain strategies. His team serviced multi-national companies from offices in the UK, China and Hong Kong.

Since 2015, Simon founded and successfully crowdfunded a global ecommerce platform that acts like a “shopify” for retailers and blue chip corporates alike. Clients include swimwear retailers, global animal feed and Royal ceramic memorabilia suppliers, through to international top accountancy, legal, and banking clients.

Simon's knowledge and expertise in integrating with complex procurement systems such as Ariba, Oracle and SAP, along with an understanding of required security requirements such as SAML 2.0, has created a demand for his platform as well the expertise behind it.

Simon also holds a diploma in Law specialising in Intellectual Property, Corporate Finance, Acquisitions and Mergers from the college of Law in Bloomsbury.

Development team

We have a team of developers that can be called upon if required. John & Simon have worked with them for over 8 years, and have built a deep understanding of how they work and what each team member can/can't do. A common (and expensive) issue when using developers.

This relationship can be useful if a deeper understanding (at code level) is required of when we review existing technological infrastructures.

How will the day roll out?

We're not your typical consultants.

Having run successful businesses ourselves, we like to think that our business insights lend themselves to practical, cost saving solutions.


Signed NDA + Short 'areas of focus' questionnaire (to be completed by client)

Access to existing website (account setup may be required)

Day Agenda:

Introduction to key stakeholders 15min

Build chronological process map 1.5hrs

John & Simon findings huddle 1hr

Individual stakeholder Q&As (John & Simon separately) 1.5hrs

John & Simon optimisation huddle 1hr

Stakeholder findings summary & recommendations 45min

If required, medium/long term strategic involvement can be discussed.